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Application FAQ

How can I submit an application?

  • You can submit the application on line by clicking here or you can submit the application at our office.

What are the application requirements?

  • Complete the entire application to include current and past landlord information and pay the appropriate application fee.
  • All adults over the age of 18 are required to submit an application and pay the application fee.

Is there an application fee?

as long as its submitted on our website you can pay for it with a credit card, debit card, or check. Or if in person via certified bank check or money order. WE do not accept cash or personal checks.

Is the application fee refundable if I’m not approved or if the property gets rented?

Application fees are non-refundable.

How long does it take to process the application?

We will always try to process applications as quickly as possible but it can take 24hr to 72hrs depending on how quickly we hear back from employers and landlords.

How do you handle multiple applications for the same property?

We do our best to process applications as quickly as possible to minimize the chance of receiving multiple applications on the same property. We are pledged to the letter and spirit U.S. Policy for the Achievement of Equal Housing Opportunity throughout the Nation and, as such, we utilize third-parties to process our applications. As a result, we are not necessarily aware of applications that have been received, but have as of yet not been approved or disapproved. Therefore, it is our policy to evaluate ALL submitted and paid-for applications for a home until an applicant has been approved and we have received the signed lease and full security deposit. ALL APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

The best way to ensure you get approved for a home is to fill out your application accurately and completely, send all of the required documentation to info@newviewrg.com and pay your application fee. Once you receive notice that you’re approved, send us your security deposit IF you haven’t done so already and schedule to sign a lease as quickly as possible. When we have received these, the home is yours! Again, we need to have the Signed Lease AND the Security Deposit to reserve the home for you.

Our properties are either Available or Leased. We do not consider a home off of the market until a we have an approved application, a security deposit and a signed lease If a home is shown here then it is still available for rent and we will evaluate your application.

Do you work with people with bad credit?

Yes we do. This will be approved on a case by case basis based on the remaining criteria of the application such as landlord verification, income and employment verification, eviction record and criminal background.

Do you work with past evictions?

Yes we do however if there are any eviction filings on your record you more than likely will need a higher security deposit. if you have an eviction within the last 24 months it may negatively impact the application approval.