"Redefining Property Management"

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Owner/Investor resources

Owners and Investor Benefits:

  • New View will ensure that your investment properties do what they are intended to do – and that is generating a positive cash flow for you.
  • Our State-of-the-art property management software allows our owners to follow every transaction relating to each of their properties in real time through secure, log-in access to your owner portal.
  • All of your rent payments, statements, work-orders, invoices, leases, documents and correspondence are available to you whenever you choose to access your owner portal
  • Owners receive email alerts and links to professional photos and videos of your property
  • Funds are electronically deposited into your account via EFT between the 9th and the 12th of each month.
  • New View employs only the most knowledgeable and experienced full service maintenance and renovation teams, as well as a pool of specialty contractors on-call and available for professional and efficient work on any job site.
  • New View provides owners with a No Hassle Transfer of properties along with your existing tenants to our system at no cost to you.
  • We handle all government programs and interface with any agencies necessary to prepare your house ready for any inspection and ensure it is approved.
  • At New View, we understand that a lower turn-over rate, along with a smaller vacancy rate and a higher rental rate, coupled with both longer lease terms and lower maintenance costs puts more money in your pocket.